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Grade Level Analytic Rubrics Aligned to Common Core and PARCC Assessment Models

Posted on Jan 13, 2014 in Resources and More | 0 comments

Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.

Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.

These writing rubrics are offered as a tool to support grade-level evaluation of writing mastery aligned to the Common Core Standards. The rubric is adaptable to assessing argument (opinion) writing, informational writing, and/or narrative. Modeled after PARCC’s expanded scoring rubric at each grade, the rubric includes PARCC’s 5 criteria for assessment: reading comprehension; development of ideas; organization; clarity of language; and knowledge of conventions. The rubric also addresses specific grade-level language standards for expected mastery.
Grade 1 Checklist Rubric w_Cover
Grade 2 Checklist Rubric w_Cover
Grade 3 Checklist Rubric w_Cover
Grade 4 Checklist Rubric w_Cover
Grade 5 Checklist Rubric w_Cover
Grades 6-11 Checklist Rubric w_Cover


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