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PARCC Aligned Writing Rubrics

Posted on Jul 18, 2014 | 0 comments

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Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.

Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.

Last fall, I created analytic writing rubrics aligned to PARCC’s holistic writing rubrics published within the PARCC Blueprints. These rubrics have been field-tested by several schools through large scale scoring (more than 200 student samples in each school) and updated to reflect the feedback gained. The rubrics are designed around PARCC’s 5-criteria for assessment: reading comprehension, development of ideas, organization, clarity of language, and knowledge of conventions. As with PARCC’s draft holistic rubric, each grade-level rubric is designed to assess argument (opinion) writing, informational writing and/or narrative writing. I am offering these rubrics indefinitely FOR FREE to my readers!

These analytic rubrics are firmly grounded in PARCC’s Expanded Scoring Rubric, shared via the PARCC Practice Test Website, specifically on the English Language Arts Practice Test Page. Review PARCC’s draft by following the link just provided. Once on the page, scroll down to your particular grade of interest and in the third column headed Rubric/Answer Keys, click on the Grade # Generic Rubrics (Draft). Voila! The PARCC holistic assessment tool for your grade revealed!

The rubrics I share here render PARCC’s holistic rubric into an analytic rubric (BTW, I have some teachers in states outside of PARCC states using these rubrics, too–keep in mind PARCC measures the Common Core and these rubrics adhere to the standards). Holistic rubrics are fine for summative assessment, especially when evaluating large numbers of student writing, but they fail to provide the specific feedback writers need in order to improve their craft. The rubrics I have designed for grades K-11 follow PARCC’s critieria and scoring system; however, I have developed the descriptors to not only include the PARCC standard, but also the grade level standard language PARCC alludes to in the fine print. For example, PARCC uses the same holistic rubric for grades 6-11 and states that grade-level language standards be applied. The grade-level rubrics shared here includes those specific standards.

Interested in taking a look? Click here to access Dr. Dea’s Grade Level Analytic Rubrics at no charge! Why am I asking you to register? I began offering these rubrics in the spring and had no idea how many educators were taking me up on my offer. The only way to keep track is by having a registration sheet. No worries about junk mail…I don’ t have time to start sending pesky promotions! But…if you are interested in having me come to your school and work with educators on how to teach and score Common Core aligned writing, drop me a line!

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