Grade Level Analytic Rubrics Aligned to Common Core and PARCC Assessment Models

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Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.

Dr. Dea has created Common Core and PARCC aligned writing rubrics.


New Writing Rubrics Coming Soon…along with student friendly reflection checklists!

On Monday, September 8th, PARCC released revised rubrics for use in assessing prose constructed responses. The revised rubric is not vastly different from PARCC rubrics released in 2013; PARCC’s greatest change is the development of a separate rubric for scoring narrative writing. In the next two weeks, I will be publishing updated rubrics aligned to PARCC and the Common Core for grade K-12. The new rubrics will also provide a corresponding student reflection checklist.

In the meantime, use the rubrics shared on these pages–high quality (and really, not greatly different) from the revised editions to come. These rubrics are offered as a tool to support grade-level evaluation of writing mastery aligned to the Common Core Standards. The rubric is adaptable to assessing argument (opinion) writing, informational writing, and/or narrative. Modeled after PARCC’s expanded scoring rubric at each grade, the rubric includes PARCC’s 5 criteria for assessment: reading comprehension; development of ideas; organization; clarity of language; and knowledge of conventions. The rubric also addresses specific grade-level language standards for expected mastery.

Complete the form below to download Checklist Rubrics for Grade levels 1-11.

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