Will PARCC Testing Changes Result in Updates to Performance Task Templates?

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Common Core Assessment is based on a series of performance tasks. Using Dr. Dea’s Performance Task Planners, teachers select a task from a drop-down list and the form automatically populates standards associated with each of PARCC’s grade-level performance tasks.

With the recent announcement by PARCC regarding the consolidation of  the summative assessment from two testing windows to one, readers have asked whether I will update my Performance Task Planners  or the associated Common Core Unit Planners to reflect any change. And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” when PARCC announces changes to the actual performance task format. At this time, PARCC assures us that there will be no loss to the performance tasks–see this PARCC document–PARCC Test Design Changes: Quick Overview.

You can be sure that I will be keeping close tabs on any assessment blueprint changes and update the interactive planners accordingly. For those of you who have purchased and are using the planners, you can do so in the confidence that PARCC places in the performance task, a confidence that is shown by governing board’s decision to retain the performance task as the primary means of measuring student proficiencies with the Common Core Standards.

If you have purchased one of my planners and PARCC does make changes in the assessment blueprint, I will provide an updated version of the Performance Task Template to you at no additional cost.

Want to see a sample Performance Task Template?  Click here. Want a closer look at the aligned Unit Planners? Click here.

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