Notions about Assessment. 538 Final Post

I really enjoy posting to this blog and though the class that required I begin this writing ends next week, I vow to continue posting to this blog site. I have decided (Oh, reminds of me of a choir song….”to follow…” join in….) that in blogging I can assess my own stance and thinking about a […]

Reviewing Responsiblities

Listening to a recent Stephen Downe’s videocast, I liked what I heard. I am so connected to information and communication available through the internet. He says, and I’m paraphrasing, “take a break! Live your life.” That addresses some of the concerns that were expressed on this site two or three blogs ago. The responsibility to […]

Creating Authentic Learning in a Wiki

I really like wikis. That said, I like them because I see educational potential in their use by teachers and students. I am in the midst of a discussion, well, maybe that is too strong a word, perhaps conversation is more apt…about whether wikis really provide a learning environment and offer learning opportunities or whether they […]

Notions and Assessment.538 #3

Wow! What a week! Technogized by the FOE virtual conference…postings and presentations, acquainting myself with educators who are totally immersed in educational technology….drawing on their energy and knowledge to boost my own. Through FOE, I became part of an active dialogue regarding the learning that goes on in a wiki…or whether learning occurs in a wiki! […]

The Future of Education. 438 Post #3

I have been spending time in the virtual world of The Future of Education Conference–last night listening to Dr. Cheri Toledo’s discussion of The Future of Teacher Education: Herding Cats and Chasing Targets.  She shared some views with her listeners regarding changes that need to be made among preservice teachers and also among their professors. One suggestion that […]