There is no magic potion. 438 Post #2

I am feeling so overwhelmed today! I have started a new blog  and wishing I would have stayed on track with the original; I am incorporating graduate class assignments with the creation of new materials for fall technonlogy workshops and…on top of thatl, I am having operational challenges with technology that are making my head swell […]

The Power of Assessment: Refocusing the Conversation

This blog post was first published as Assessing Distance Learning and completed as part of the expectations for a Distance Learning Class during my doctoral program at Illinois State University with Professor Cheri Toledo:   Many educators have the notion that assessment is something they do after instruction is complete. Assessment, then, they see as […]

Using etools for distance learning. 438 post #1

In my soul, I am a writer and I am a teacher and sometimes I have been a teacher of writing. Because I am a teacher and writer, I was afraid, at first, of technology. I saw it as having a power to undermine the beauty of langauge and world of books, two things I […]

Technology Immortalizes

I’ve always loved to write and so the act of blogging is one that comes quite naturally to me. As a matter-of-fact, I have a well-document life’s record, words posted on a hidden pages in the depths of drawers forever lost to time. Once I got a computer, my thoughts raced across the screen to be […]