Dr. Dea offers a Common Core/PARCC Performance Task Planners, Common Core Aligned Writing Rubrics, and Unit Planners, and Common Core Curriculum Bundles. Note: all downloadable materials are copyrighted and offered on an honor system–intended for single teacher use.


Grade_K_CoverCommon Core Aligned Writing Rubrics

Dr. Dea’s popular Common Core grade-level rubrics come with a teacher friendly scoring guide and a student friendly reflection checklist (Note: the previews are watermarked with the Partner In Education logo–purchased rubrics have no watermark image). The rubrics are aligned to Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards and PARCC’s most recent revisions. The grade-level rubrics are designed to evaluate all three modes of writing: argument/opinion, informative/explanatory, and narrative. Also included in the rubrics are the Common Core Language Standards for each grade level. Teachers can use that list as a reminder of what kinds of grammatical structures to teach and evaluate in application during the unit instruction. Note: rubric copyright expressly allows purchasers of the materials to duplicate and distribute rubric & checklist materials within their classrooms.

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Grade_3_CoverCommon Core Performance Task Planner

Dr. Dea’s grade-level performance task planners are interactive forms that support educators as they write local assessments. Aligned to the Common Core and PARCC’s most recent edits in assessment design, the planners ensure teachers are assessing standards in a manner that will help prepare students for annual achievement assessments. The form prompts users to craft standards-based text-dependent questions which can be used for individual assessment, whole class discussion, or small group discussion. Constructed with complete fidelity to PARCC’s Assessment Blueprints, this planner will be a significant step forward on the Common Core path for teachers and students.

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Grade_K_CoverUnit Planners

Grounded in backwards design, Dr. Dea’s Interactive Common Core Unit Planner moves teachers through a logical series of steps in the design if a Common Core unit or multi-day lesson. The planner asks teachers to consider unit assessment first and then progresses users through a series of dropdown boxes loaded with appropriate Common Core grade-level standards among the four domains: reading (includes foundational skills), writing, speaking & listening, language. This document may be used to create all new Common Core units or revise existing units to actualize standards instruction.

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Grade3_CoverCommon Core Curriculum Bundles

The Common Core Curriculum bundle supports teachers in planning for and assessing Common Core ELA/Literacy standards and is also aligned to PARCC’s most recent edits to the Performance Based Assessment. The bundle includes three tools: Dr. Dea’s interactive Multi-day Lesson/Unit Planner complete with dropdown standards, Dr. Dea’s interactive Performance Task Template, and Dr. Dea’s Common Core/PARCC Aligned Writing Rubric with student friendly reflection checklist. Priced at $15.00 for the entire bundle, buyers save $20.00 over purchasing the three tools individually.

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