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Common Core Standards & Close Reading: A Response To Tim Shanahan

I just finished reading Tim Shanahan’s February 27th blog: Don’t Give the Common Core State Standards a Close Reading and Other Culinary Tips. In his blog, Shanahan shares educator questions posed to him regarding the differences between the verbs of retelling and recounting found in Reading Standard #2 in grades two and three. Tim is […]

A Lesson in Close Reading: The Sonnet and CCSS RL.7.5

I’ve been blogging about the Common Core for a couple years and many of my recent posts have focused on close reading: Searching for Meaning, Close Reading & Motifs;  Close Reading, An Outcome NOT a Reading Strategy; Conversations on Close Reading & the Common Core Standards to mention three. In each of these blogs, I try to […]

Searching for Meaning: Literary Motifs & Close Reading

  During the heydays of The Sixth Sense,  I spent countless hours marking the DVD at scenes where the image of red recurred. I asked students to pay close attention to the recurrence of red and after playing several short vignettes, I asked them what possible relationships they could infer between the repetition of the red and […]

Releasing PARCC Aligned Curriculum & Assessment Planners

   Note to Readers 01.02.16 Dr. Dea’s Curriculum and Assessment Planners first published in 2013 as PDF forms have been updated with PARCC’s fall 2015 changes to the assessment blueprint and grade-level tasks. The update has been published as an interactive Word template complete with drop-down boxes and self-populating cells to customize task design. The […]