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Grade Level Analytic Rubrics Aligned to Common Core and PARCC Assessment Models

  New Writing Rubrics Coming Soon…along with student friendly reflection checklists! On Monday, September 8th, PARCC released revised rubrics for use in assessing prose constructed responses. The revised rubric is not vastly different from PARCC rubrics released in 2013; PARCC’s greatest change is the development of a separate rubric for scoring narrative writing. In the next two weeks, I will […]

What is New?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ_PveoOTPc What is new in education? Grab a partner and each grab a Post-It. Let’s try an experiment. Number your Post-Its from 1-10. On your own, not sharing ideas, take 30-seconds and each generate a list of many, different, and unusual policies, practices, reforms, and gadgets that have recently entered the world of education…let’s say […]

An ELA Tool to Support Common Core Shifts

I first wrote about Reading to Learn and Confirm in a March 2012 blog: The Common Core State Standards and KWL. Since then, I have been sharing the concept and the organizer as well a tweaking the structure to better meet the needs of teachers and students on the road to Common Core Implementation. As […]

Target Practice on the Common Core Range

Instructional design is aimed at “intentional” learning as opposed to “incidental” learning. This implies that target goals and desired learning outcomes guide the design and selection of learning activities. Meaningful learning outcomes are a starting and ending point…because it is against accomplishment of the objectives that the effectiveness of the design is measured. (Gagne, R. […]