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4th Graders Negotiating Informational Text for Learning

Common Core RI.4.9 Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably. Last spring, I worked with teachers to develop a better understanding of how to develop comparison and contrast skills in elementary readers and writers. A few weeks ago, Illinois principal Susan Grzanich tweeted […]

Moving from Graphic Organizer to Composition: GO 4Writing!!

In my talks with teachers over the last year, I have discovered that many use graphic organizers as a tool for teaching students how to organize thinking, but few use GOs as a tool for accessing text information in ways that scaffold writing about text. In a recent post, Common Core Writing Prompts too Hard or […]

Common Core Writing Prompts Too Hard or Teaching & Learning a Step Behind?

  Common Core Anchor Standard #9 states students will “analyze.” However, throughout grade-level standards, most frequent verbs associated with Standard 9 are “compare and contrast.” The verbs analyze, integrate, demonstrate, and synthesize also make occasional appearances in Standard 9. The implications: multiple texts and higher order thinking.   Comparison is the most pervasive cognitive activity […]