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On the Success of the CCSS: Work Together or Fail Alone

  Coming together is a beginning.   Keeping together is progress.   Working together is success.                                    -Henry Ford Over the last year and one half, I have been working with an Illinois elementary district on a transition process to the Common Core State Standards. Initially, the group was comprised of representatives from the middle school, […]

Are Your Instructional Methods on Target for Common Core Success?

Central to the success of CCSS is student attainment of grade level standards. But the only way to achieve secure and lasting learning of the knowledge and skills embedded within the standards is through effective instruction embedded within “work worth doing” (Coleman, as quoted in Ed Week, 31 Oct. 2012, p.7). No amount of standards […]

The CCSS and KWL: Reading to Learn and Confirm

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” (Isaac Newton, 1676). A close reading of the College and Career Readiness anchor standards and the grade level CCSS reveal the integrated nature of real reading comprehension among the domains: key ideas, text structure, integration of knowledge & ideas, […]