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Moving from Graphic Organizer to Composition: GO 4Writing!!

In my talks with teachers over the last year, I have discovered that many use graphic organizers as a tool for teaching students how to organize thinking, but few use GOs as a tool for accessing text information in ways that scaffold writing about text. In a recent post, Common Core Writing Prompts too Hard or […]

The Quest Pattern & CCSS: In Life & Literature

Challenged by his father’s directive to stop running around “like a madman,” my grandson abruptly stopped in his speed and stood tall, his chest puffed up and his head angularly cocked. He announced: “I am not a madman; I am a man of steel and I have come to protect and defend you from the […]

The CCSS and KWL: Reading to Learn and Confirm

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants” (Isaac Newton, 1676). A close reading of the College and Career Readiness anchor standards and the grade level CCSS reveal the integrated nature of real reading comprehension among the domains: key ideas, text structure, integration of knowledge & ideas, […]

Achieving CCSS Success Relies on Aligned Objectives

The adoption of national standards is old news. During the summer of 2010, nearly all fifty states adopted the CCSS, however they did little to promote implementation. For most states, the 2014-2015 assessment of implementation was a long way off. But the clock is ticking. Whether you are in a PARCC state or a SBAC […]