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Moving from Graphic Organizer to Composition: GO 4Writing!!

In my talks with teachers over the last year, I have discovered that many use graphic organizers as a tool for teaching students how to organize thinking, but few use GOs as a tool for accessing text information in ways that scaffold writing about text. In a recent post, Common Core Writing Prompts too Hard or […]

Why I Teach…A Blog Motivated by a Tweet

  One week ago, I was tweeting with Maureen Devlin (@lookforsun) who blogs at Teach Children Well and Renee Coates-Smith (@coatessmithr). In our conversation, Maureen asked about women who had influenced our own womanhood, our lives as educators–and she asked if I blogged. Our brief conversation caused me to reflect on how and why I blog. […]

What is New?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ_PveoOTPc What is new in education? Grab a partner and each grab a Post-It. Let’s try an experiment. Number your Post-Its from 1-10. On your own, not sharing ideas, take 30-seconds and each generate a list of many, different, and unusual policies, practices, reforms, and gadgets that have recently entered the world of education…let’s say […]

Getting Started with Common Core: 5 Ordered Steps

In June, I spoke as the PARCC presentation expert for the National College and Career Readiness Conference held in Orlando. There, I introduced the PARCC Aligned Curriculum and Assessment Planners to nearly one-thousand attendees from every state in the union and some from beyond the borders. Participating alongside conference goers in sessions other than my […]