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Organization Patterns & Writing #CCSS

As I’ve worked with teachers over the last month–from Southern Illinois to Southern California–I’ve felt a growing anxiety over teaching students about the writing process. My mantra: “Just do it!” Sound familiar? Yes, but true. Anything teachers do to help students become writers is better than doing nothing! How to start? First, be honest. If […]

Moving from Graphic Organizer to Composition: GO 4Writing!!

In my talks with teachers over the last year, I have discovered that many use graphic organizers as a tool for teaching students how to organize thinking, but few use GOs as a tool for accessing text information in ways that scaffold writing about text. In a recent post, Common Core Writing Prompts too Hard or […]

Grade Level Analytic Rubrics Aligned to Common Core and PARCC Assessment Models

  New Writing Rubrics Coming Soon…along with student friendly reflection checklists! On Monday, September 8th, PARCC released revised rubrics for use in assessing prose constructed responses. The revised rubric is not vastly different from PARCC rubrics released in 2013; PARCC’s greatest change is the development of a separate rubric for scoring narrative writing. In the next two weeks, I will […]

Moving Deeper into the Standards: The Demand for Paired Texts

I posted my first blog on Common Core State Standards on July 7, 2011 (Who Wrote the Common Core State Standards). I had just returned from an annual leadership seminar hosted by Consortium on Reading Educational Excellence (CORE) in San Francisco where we were introduced to David Coleman. During our time with Coleman, he modeled […]