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Dr. Conrad-Curry is scheduling summer and fall workshops now. Contact Dr. Dea before June 1st and receive next year’s professional development at this year’s rates. Dr. Dea’s areas of expertise are Common Core Standards for ELA/Literacy, PARCC ELA/Literacy Assessment, and District Level  Type 2 and Type 3 Assessments aligned to CCSS.

Free Resources

Dr. Dea shares resources from recent speaking engagements and workshops related to Common Core implementation and quality instruction.

Common Core

Dr. Conrad-Curry provides a variety of opportunities to enrich understanding of the Common Core State Standards, a shared framework for educators in their design of effective curriculum.


Purchase grade level quarterly curriculum and assessment planners fully integrated with PARCC Frameworks & Assessment Blueprints. Adobe PDF forms are complete with audio files & drop-down user friendly tool-tips, user enabled to be be saved as work progresses.

"Supporting Schools in the Quest of Educational Excellence"

Recent Blog Posts

A life-long learner, Dea is continually exploring the landscape of the education system.

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