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Dr. Dea is an award winning educator of nearly 30 years tenure. In that time, she has worked with teachers and students on three continents and across twenty of the fifty states. She has been published in Boston College’s prestigious Journal of Education and currently works at both local and state levels. Throughout, she has gained exceptional expertise in Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards, PARCC ELA/Literacy Assessment, Building Aligned Curriculum, and Developing District Level Type 2 and Type 3 Assessments in teacher evaluation compliance.

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Work with Dr. Dea during public conferences and workshops or bring her to your school or regional office. General session descriptions follow beneath the schedule.

Fridays, October 23 & December 10, 2015 | 2-Day Teacher Workshop: Common Core, PARCC, and Student Growth: Unit Planning with Assessment in Mind | South Cook Intermediate Service Center | Click here for more information & registration


Common Core

Dr. Conrad-Curry provides a variety of opportunities to enrich understanding of the Common Core State Standards and their assessments. Achieve has recognized her expertise by inviting her to a seat on the EQuIP Jury of nationwide educators. The California DOE has appointed Dr. Dea as a Content Review Expert in their 2015 ELA/ELD Adoption. Dr. Dea has also designed a framework for integrating the Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards within curriculum and assessment as a continuing cycle of learning.


Dr. Dea offers a Common Core/PARCC Performance Task Planners, Common Core Aligned Writing Rubrics, and Unit Planners. Note: all downloadable materials are copyrighted and offered on an honor system–intended for single teacher use.

"Supporting Schools in the Quest of Educational Excellence"

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A life-long learner, Dea is continually exploring the landscape of the education system.

Nov 26, 2013

Another PARCC Acronym: The PCR or Prose Constructed Response…the essay

FOR LATEST UPDATES ON PARCC: Read my September 2014 post “Ticking Toward 2015: PARCC Makes 10 PBA Additions” Another acronym!?! Just when you think you’ve begun to master educational jargon, another alphabetic abbreviation appears. As a teacher or administrator, you chose a profession that requires you keep educating yourself: KEY! That’s why you read books. That’s why you read blogs. That’s why you take grad classes. Our jobs require that we keep up on the latest information in our industry and in the world. Several weeks ago, I blogged on...

Nov 5, 2013

HELP!! PARCC Testing Acronyms: EBSR/TECR

FOR LATEST UPDATES ON PARCC: Read my September 2014 post “Ticking Toward 2015: PARCC Makes 10 PBA Additions” TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE PARCC FORMATS WORK FOR STUDENT GROWTH MEASURES AS WELL AS ASSESSMENT PREPARATION: Read my November 6, 2014 post “Can PARCC Blueprint Assessments be the Stone Killing Two Birds?” My virtual educational colleague, Darren Burris, recently inquired about PARCC’s growing list of acronyms. Specifically, Darren wanted to know more about the EBSR or Evidence-Based Selected-Response, a multiple choice item designed by PARCC to assess not only the...

Jan 29, 2013

Retell, Recount, Summarize? A Common Core Shift from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade

The progression of Common Core Grade Level Standards sparks curiosity within my brain. The language, as direct as it may seem on a cursory read, is simultaneously explicit and nuanced. Take for instance the iterations of the Anchor Standard #1 over the course of grades K-4: in grades K-1 the standard asks kids to “retell,” but in grades 2-3 the standard asks kids to “recount.” By grade 4 and thereon through the grades, the word summarize is invoked. For some, this seemingly simple verb change indicates no instructional change;...