DoK: What’s The Buzz?

  When I began my career as a teacher, we were expected to address the cognitive and affective domains for teaching and learning in the design and communication of learning goals. As such, we were responsible for crafting and delivering lessons that taught and challenged students intellectually–the cognitive domain—as well as addressing how students felt […]

Analyzing Student Work for Teacher Reflection

  Why do you look at student work? Is your analysis and evaluation of student work for grading–student centered or for reflection on your own teaching & learning–teacher-centered? Conventional Use of Student Work As teachers, we examine student work every minute of every day. Some of that work is intangible: discussion of concepts, generation of […]

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Supporting Schools in the Quest of Educational Excellence

Partner in Education is a private company founded by Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry, a veteran teacher, published researcher, and life-long learner. Dr. Dea believes that in the changing landscape of education, student-centered instructional adjustment based on quantitative and qualitative evidence can expand opportunities to learn for all students in all classrooms.

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