5 Tips for Classroom Collaboration

You’ve spent hours doing the front-work for an exciting and creative collaborative project for your students. You’ve thought through all the bugs and the must-haves. You’ve provided the knowledge and the practiced the skills to get the job done. And, you’ve either identified groups that you know will work or you’ve left the grouping decision […]

Focusing Student Growth on Standards-based Curriculum and Assessment

Student growth is measured by assessing students before they engage in the classroom learning and then testing them after they have had the teacher’s class. Comparisons are made between the beginning scores and the ending score and from that, student growth is measured. A simple analogy: as parents, you have a baby. That baby is measured and weighed at birth. Thereafter, you take your baby to regular checkups to measure their growth or lack thereof. These measurements may or may not be seen as a reflection on your parenting.

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Supporting Schools in the Quest of Educational Excellence

Partner in Education is a private company founded by Dr. Dea Conrad-Curry, a veteran teacher, published researcher, and life-long learner. Dr. Dea believes that in the changing landscape of education, student-centered instructional adjustment based on quantitative and qualitative evidence can expand opportunities to learn for all students in all classrooms.

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